NextSpace San Jose December Newsletter

Happy Holidays! It’s, your local NextSpace Coworking SJ Rabble Rousers.

Heterogenous – Why it’s an important quality of the NextSpace community.  And how to pronounce it.

Here’s the story.  We have so many interesting members here.  The assumption from general public is that we’re all tech/startup over here – and while that’s certainly a prominent feature of our membership – it’s not the only one. We have lawyers, real estate folks, a greeting card designer, marketing people. We’re home to non profit folks, the occasional man of the cloth, and finance guys. We’ve also been home to a few savvy, friendly journalists – and they both happen to be leaving at the end of this week on big career moves. (Congrats!!) So losing that little bit of our diversity has wrinkled my brow a bit, even as we keep a comfortably full community.

I’ve had some writers block, and so this idea of diversity and the quality of being heterogeneous – it’s come into focus –  in true coworking fashion, after being able to really muse on it with a few members. Keeping the community diverse, mixed up. And why. And how. Even more typical of coworking, as I was discussing how I want to keep the community heterogeneous and to ensure that our community has that mix -one of my honest, straight up members said – you know, you’re pronouncing it incorrectly.  It’s like this…And so even as I puzzle through how to implement the most valuable aspect of coworking, I’m benefiting from it.  Sounding board.  Actionable assistance.  All made more robust and more valuable because of the differences in experiences of our members.

How to implement it? My members are passing the word for me right now.  And I’m asking you to pass the word.  You, the larger community that NextSpace is made the better for and that we make better (you’re welcome).  If you know someone working on something really cool – send em over.  Their first day is on me. Super geek?  ZOMG Perfect.  Political operative?  We’ll take ‘em.  Rocket scientist?  Even better.  Will they correct me when I sound like a jackass and mispronounce words?  I’ll give ‘em a deal.

We’re growing.  Bigger, faster, stronger!
A little bird just told me that NextSpace Berkeley is in the works.  And that our next venture, NextSpace Kids, is coming up soon.  Did you know that as a NextSpace member you have access to ALLLLLL of the NextSpace locations when you join up?  Surf all morning, then work all afternoon in our Santa Cruz office.  Or, like many of our members, work in one of our SF offices when you’ve got client meetings or conferences up in the City.  Check us out here.

May your holiday season be filled with loved ones, good cheer and the fruits of your hard work!
Kindly -
Gretchen, Julie and the rest of Team NextSpace

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