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We’re all about creating a great experience for our members and adding them to a remarkable group of thousands of people who’ve made us what we are today. Since 2008, we’ve grown from one location in an old bank building in Santa Cruz, CA, to seven locations in California, one in Chicago, and we're still growing! Growing fast, as a matter of fact. To paraphrase the Talking Heads, “Well—how did we get here?” To find out, scroll down.

NextSpace Milestones

October 2008

NextSpace is Born

In the heart of Santa Cruz, California, NextSpace burst forth from the minds of then Economic Development Director Jeremy Neuner, Mayor Ryan Coonerty and Attorney Caleb Baskin, who envisioned a utopia in which empty offices could be forged into a signature blend of work space and community. A group of investors was picking up what they were putting down and agreed to fund it. This is known as the pen click heard around the world.

January 2008

The Big Short = Big Opportunity

Battered by the torrential 2008 markets, the Santa Cruz community grabbed their bannermen and rallied around NextSpace, as it rapidly became a hub of economic activity, bringing together entrepreneurs, freelancers, and people seeking to balance life and work on their own terms. The mingling of our founding members and new faces created a strong network, leading to many successful ventures and was eventually termed the NextSpace Effect.

NextSpace Santa Cruz Timeline
November 2010

NextSpace San Francisco

NextSpace founders quickly realized they had started a work (re)evolution, so they set sail for the horizon and planted their second flag at location #2 at Second and Market Streets in San Francisco!

NextSpace San Francisco Timeline
May 2011

NextSpace Los Angeles

NextSpace discovered air travel and expands to family-centered Culver City as location #3 opens.

NextSpace Los Angeles Timeline
June 2011

NextSpace San Jose

NextSpace San Jose opens in June, although more time was spent at San Pedro's Market than at the actual space. What can we say? We're foodies...

NextSpace San Jose Timeline
July 2012

NextSpace Union Square

Realizing that they were running out of cake and kool-aid in San Francisco circa 2012, NextSpace Union Square opened at Halladie Square.

NextSpace Union Square Timeline
September 2012

NextSpace Venice Beach

In the mecca of bodybuilding, a partnership with the tech incubator Amplify created NextSpace Venice Beach. Much flexing was done on this day!

NextSpace Venice Beach Timeline
June 2013

NextSpace Berkeley

NextSpace boards their trust pirate ship and crosses the Bay, opening in Berkeley in the historic Wells Fargo Bank building.

NextSpace Berkeley Cafe
February 2013

NextSpace Potrero Hill and NextKids Open!

NextSpace started to realize their members were having kids, so NextKids opened in July in collaboration with NextSpace Potrero Hill. Sadly, real estate realities of San Francisco in 2015 meant that NextSpace Potrero Hill was unable to renew the lease, so NsPT and NextKids were closed in early 2016. It took Reginald the Moose three weeks to stop weeping. It took us longer.

Next Kids Photo
July 2013

NextSpace River North

NextSpace finds their snow gear and acquires the Coop in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, thus expanding to the Midwest!  

NextSpace River North Chicago Timeline
April 2016

NextSpace Continues Unchartered Growth

Stay tuned for exciting updates on new NextSpace locations!

Culture is Everything

When we founded NextSpace, we were one of the first coworking spaces in the world. Now, years later, there are thousands. What makes us unique, special or important? It’s our culture. 

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