About NextSpace

Welcome to NextSpace. We are a thriving community of independent professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers out to make a living and a life on our own terms.

Who We Are

We’re a bunch of dreamers and doers, building America’s largest independent worker organization, one NextSpace at a time. Our backgrounds are varied and our experience runs the gamut, but we pride ourselves on our emotional intelligence, helping members in hundreds of different fields and disciplines connect with one another across our network. We’re prolific thinkers, social mixologists, master multitaskers, you name it, and we have the skills and passion to create environments where we redefine productivity and change the way people think about work.

Why We Exist

We exist to help our members make a life and a living on their own terms. Coffee shops are crowded, living rooms are lonely, and business centers have no soul. We provide the office infrastructure and the community connectivity so you can do your best work possible. It’s that simple.

Where We’re Headed

We’re in the business of creating collaborative civic impact and we’re headed to cities where people choose to make a life and a living on their own terms. We’re headed out to find and coalesce local centers of creativity and innovation into formidable member networks. You can look for us popping up in places where there’s a healthy sense of civic pride, where folks work how and when they want, and where community comes first. We’ll see you soon.