Why Cats Would Make Great Coworking Space Managers

By NextSpace on May. 23, 2016

So, my wife and I own this cat (one of two). His name is Moe, and he is roughly the size of a baby elephant. Weighing in at an astonishing 25lbs, while being nearly four feet in length, he’s a sight to behold! He’s actually a NextSpace Effect story in himself, but that’s for another time. Why am I telling you about this feline-version of Baby Huey?  Because I think that he (or any cat for that matter) would be an excellent coworking space manager.

I know what you’re thinking, “Whew-eee! Someone had a few too many Irish coffee’s this morning.” First of all, we had an event at the space and that’s probably true. However, let’s analyze a typical house cat to see what they do and I'll think you'll begin to understand:

They’re Mega Friendly

Our first job as community managers is generally to be a really nice person. If each time someone walked through your door, you immediately punched him or her in the face, you wouldn’t be open as a business past noon. We’re paid to be supremely nice, energetic, and to keep a constant vibe of happiness flowing through our locations. It doesn’t matter if you’re running something super corporate, or are wondering if you can possibly fit more orange paint on your walls (yes, I can).  If you, like a cat, can maintain a zen-like state of joy and friendliness, then you’re off to a great start.

Friendly Moe

They Know How to Chill

Somewhere on this site, there’s an article about taking breaks and managing anxiety, and no animal better personifies pure chill than a house cat.  Sometimes, the hardest thing you will ever do in a workday is force yourself to take a step back and breathe for ten minutes.  There’s too much stuff to do.  Emails need answered, the kitchen is messy, and if someone ignores the instructions on the wall and asks me to make a pot of coffee one more time, I’m going to flip. A cat’s response to stress? A nap. Maybe there is something to that. Stopping your day for a little bit and focusing on what brings you joy and peace, knowing that when you return to a clear work state, you’ll be infinitely more productive, if not better task-oriented.  

Moe Chillin

They Know How to Do Work (the right way)

Ever watch a cat hunt? Whether it’s stalking a bird in a field somewhere, or your toes under the duvet at 4am, it’s all about timing and preparation, then knowing when to attack (literally and figuratively). Cats will notice an opportunity, prepare themselves mentally (that creepy tunnel vision) and physically (the lowering to the ground, ready to pounce), and then take advantage of the situation. It’s not always going to go in their favor; sometimes the bird flies away, sometimes the toes are attached to a human that knows how to issue some tired, 4am-style justice. More than once though, it’s going to go their way.  The metaphors here are thick enough to cut with a knife!

They Know How to be Presentable

Simple point: cat’s clean themselves a LOT. You should do the same. For Pete’s sake: do you know why you can walk into any NextSpace bathroom and NOT see an “employees must wash hands before returning to work” sign? Because it’s common sense. Don’t be the smelly kid in class.  

Cat Presentable

Final Point: They Know When to be Silly

Cat memes are awesome because we as a society have decided that cats are silly. They do crazy things, we collectively laugh, and the day is better and brighter. Find more time in your workday to embrace the crazy person within (funny crazy, not burn your house down because you saw a spider crazy). If you’re bored with you, your community is probably bored with you too.  Relax, do stuff like taco challenges, face painting, pumpkin carving, or random high-fives, and see what happens! Channel your inner cat and you might be surprised how much it can help you run your coworking space the right way!

Author’s Note: No cats were harmed in the writing of this article. However, if he keeps scratching up the couch or chewing on the salted meat log I call my left ankle, I might have to amend this sentence. 

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