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NextSpacey Quirks: A Brief Primer on All Things NextSpace

By NextSpace on Apr. 26, 2016

We here at NextSpace don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. Our very own company ethos and hiring process attracts a certain kind of personality because you have to keeps things a little weird being a part of the fast-paced and dynamic coworking world.

This leads to some inevitable questions: What’s up with the Moose Mascot? Why are there pirate flags near your restrooms? Why is your Happy Hour at precisely 3:58pm? Let me explain some of the unique little things about good ol’ NextSpace:

Sir Reginald


Also known around these parts as Reggie, this orange moose is our reigning mascot. His story began when one of NextSpace's very first Community Curators was determined to build a back-end operating system so that we could run NextSpace like a well-oiled machine. She accomplished this task with a complex system called the Membership Organizational and Operational System Enterprise. Quite a mouthful, eh? This quickly came to be known as M.O.O.S.E. and it was decided that NextSpace needed to officially adopt a moose as our mascot because...why not? Plus, we thought it was fitting to have one of the biggest and baddest beasts on the planet represent NextSpace. And thus, Sir Reginald lives on in infamy.

Pirate Flags

Pirate Flag

At every NextSpace you’ll invariably come across a pirate flag. This signifies: “Ahoy matey, this be the place for your booty!” We’ve found it’s an easy and memorable way for guests and new members to find the facilities (a.k.a. bathrooms, water closet, washroom, loo, throne room etc etc).

Happy Hours at (Precisely) 3:58


I’ve searched high and low trying to find the clever origin story for this bit of NextSpace lore and it turns out it was done just to be catchy. Back in the infancy of NextSpace, when the very first Friday Happy Hour was being planned, someone asked: “What time is it at? 4?” Our CEO felt this was much too mundane and firmly settled on 3:58. That was that and it has stuck ever since! Except for our Venice Beach location who (strangely) does theirs at 4:58. I believe they’re vehemently opposed to Daylight Savings Time (or something). Cheers to 3:58!

Community Focus

Through these aforementioned quirks and the passion, talent and dedication of our Community Managers, we strive to make community the major focus of the NextSpace experience. This is done through networking events, entrepreneurial programming and moments of genuine serendipity that we affectionately call the NextSpace Effect™. It is these moments of magic that keep us excited and energized everyday as we make a life and a living on our own terms.

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