NextSpace Effect

The NextSpace Effect Poem

By NextSpace on May. 17, 2016

In San Francisco, one winter day

Miss Lucy Curran was heard to say

     “I’m sick of working all alone

   From my solitary desk at home.”

So she packed her laptop and her notes,

     And put them in her rolling tote,

And stared off toward the downtown spot

   Of which she’d already heard a lot.

She found it: NextSpace SF on Second

“Well!” she said, “Now this, I reckon,

     Might just be the place for me,

Where orange abounds, there’s coffee, tea

     And friendly people all around    

    To talk to when I’m feeling down.”

Now Monday till Friday and sometimes weekends

    She goes to NextSpace to see the friends

     Who lend an ear in times despairing,

      And ask each day how she is faring.

     Even on bad days when the words

   Are slow to come and watching birds

Fly past the window seems very pressing,

     Still, NextSpace is quite a blessing.

With notebook out and laptop ready

   The progress day to day is steady:

     Instead of languishing at home

   While striving to complete a tome

     I’ve had a place to work all day

To write, and type, and dream, and play

   Out scenes in different combinations

     Without the standard hesitation:

     “Oh lord, which café shall I choose?

And do they have wifi?” these are the blues

     Of writing freelance in San Fran

     Without a thorough business plan.


     In closing, NextSpace SF rocks

    So hard that I am without socks;

Thank you, NextSpace for all you’ve done

     To make my writing process fun!


About the Author:

Lucy Claire Curran is a writer, artist, and performer living in San Francisco. After earning her B.A. in English from Harvard University in 2011, she moved west to pursue her dream of creating full time. In 2014, motivated by the desire to find a way to share her creative gifts within a service or non-profit setting, Lucy moved to Seattle and completed a term of service as an Americorps member at a public middle school in Seatac, Washington. Returning to San Francisco in late 2015, Lucy Claire renewed her commitment to pursuing art as her means of civic engagement, political activism, and philosophical inquiry. She is currently finishing a mixed-media book that incorporates original poetry, prose, drawing, painting, and collage elements. To find out more, visit her at


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