You Can Learn Everything About NextSpace From The Drawer of Mugs

By NextSpace on May. 03, 2017

Written by Damon Clark

Joining a coworking space for the first time can feel a little like being the new kid at school. If you're not used to it, there's a sense that maybe everyone already knows one another, and that everyone can sense you're a little out of place. But after just a week at NextSpace, I left that feeling behind forever. And this drawer full of mugs will show you why.

What do you see when you look at these mugs?

As a brand consultant, I pay close attention to the feel of things. A message, an organization, a group of people, a room. Everything, no matter how big or small, has a unique signature to it. A tiny ethos. And these mugs say something very interesting to me.

Once you open up the drawer, you can ponder whether you want to drink from a Santa mug (hey, it could be fun in May!). Or perhaps you'd prefer the just-so, perfectly pristine white mug (like drinking on a space ship!). 

At NextSpace, there's not really a wrong choice, because there's not much in the way of a wrong person.

A coworking space is a large building that a freelancer or small or medium business wouldn't normally be able to afford. But by coming together as group and sharing, it turns out everyone can afford it.

So under one roof, you end up with coders, copywriters, marketers, managers, artists, geeks and more.

It's not just a diversity of job title. It's also a  diversity of perspective or approach.

If you wandered the halls of NextSpace and asked 20 different people for their opinions, you might get 25 different answers. To lean on a tired cliche, within these walls everyone's an out of the box thinker.

No matter how numerous the useful answers you get here, all have one thing in common: an appreciation for acceptance and fresh approaches.

Just like each mug has its own unique character, and all of them fit in the drawer together, each person has their own unique path, yet at NextSpace they all fit together as a community.

A set of mugs tells you everything about what it's like to be at NextSpace. And I couldn't be happier. 

Now excuse me while I go make some tea and drink it out of a Santa mug in May.

Next Space Mug Wall
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