Careers at NextSpace

Why Work Here


Help us shape the future! According to really smart scientific people, coworking is where work and workspaces are heading. As a member of our team, you’ll have a well-manicured hand in that.


Autonomy. We’ll give you as much independence as you can handle, as fast as you can handle it. Our Community Managers are basically entrepreneurs, and run their spaces as they see fit.


An amazing, crazy team. Diverse, energized, talented and oh, yes – fun. You will love working with us. The culture here is unique, and you should be too!


Opportunity. We’re all about innovation, hustle and thinking like entrepreneurs. Community Managers are given massive amounts of creative freedom, and know when to let that beast loose. Be warned: they have to be able to make a case for their craziness.


Money. NextSpacers receive great benefits, and the highest salaries in the industry. You're going to work really, really hard, and we'll make sure you're well compensated for it.


Work hard, play hard. We have wacky communities that love our weekly happy hours, random pirate flags by the bathrooms and celebrate our orange moose culture (you'll meet our mascot, Reginald).

And many more!

Current Open Positions

There are currently no open positions. Check back soon.