Culture is Everything

When we founded NextSpace, we were one of the first coworking spaces in the world. Now, years later, there are thousands. What continues to make us unique and special? It’s our culture.

What is NextSpace?

NextSpace is a community of people who are committed to excelling, collaborating and innovating together. We’re not here because some investors thought coworking was a great business. We’re here because we realized long ago that everyone works better when we work together. We designed a business from the ground up to enable exactly that.

What Makes NextSpace Special?

NextSpace was created because we realized, right at the beginning, that there were thousands of people like us who wanted to work and live differently. We understood that the best ideas and the best work often comes from our connections with other people. We understood that if you’re going to spend eight or twelve hours a day somewhere, doing something, it ought to be in a setting that works for you, not against you. That’s what NextSpace is all about.

Every NextSpace is unique—we aren’t a franchise or a concept. Spaces are created and run, above all, to serve their members. We helped to create the entire concept of coworking all those years ago because we believed in it. We believed there was a need for a place where people could go and do their best work. We were right. And we still are.

Meet Our Team

The NextSpace Effect

The NextSpace Effect™ is what happens when you put a couple hundred smart, creative people together in a curated community—a NextSpace. Quite simply, it’s amazing. It’s proof that we’re better together, that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. A lot greater, in fact.

In every NextSpace, members get to know each other: They’re part of a community, after all. They bump into one another over coffee. They sit next to one another. They talk. They connect. And something new, and amazing happens. In fact, it happens a lot.

It might be an idea. A referral. A product. Or a company. A lot of companies have been created by ‘Spacers who got to know each other, realized there was a there there, so to speak, and made it happen.

If we have a secret sauce here, that’s it. Communities create collaborations, and collaborations create something brand­ new. You can’t summon up the NextSpace Effect™—nobody knows exactly why, or when it happens. But it does happen. And only at NextSpace.


Mission: What We’re Doing

Mission: What We’re Doing

Our mission is to build and operate the best coworking spaces in the world. We do this by providing comfortable and professional work environments, and by fostering vibrant, collaborative communities.

Vision: How We’re Doing It

Vision: How We’re Doing It

Our job is to foster what we call the “hum,” the “glow,” or the “vibe.” This means that we are a place with a certain kind of welcoming, supportive, intelligent, creative and challenging energy. That energy is created by our community, and managed by the best, most experienced staff in the world. It happens in a space where people can do their very best work, when and how they choose. Where there is a free flow of ideas, relationships and collaboration. Where members are part of a genuine community—they know others, and are known. Where the physical environment is simultaneously professional and comfortable. And where work is not seen as something necessary for life, but as an integral part of it.

Values: What We Care About

Values: What We Care About

  1. Members come first, always.
  2. We are a community—we share values, we respect one another, and we trust one another.
  3. We treat one another with the utmost respect. As a company, we have no tolerance at all for discrimination or harassment.
  4. We have fun! We take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves. (Our company mascot is an orange moose named Reginald or Reggie for short!)