Hello Yahoo!

We heard the news that all Yahoo! employees will have to work full time at the Yahoo! offices beginning in June. Between now and then, we’d like to invite you to work at one of our four Bay Area NextSpace locations for free. Nuthin’. Nada.  Bumpkiss. On us. 

The first 25 Yahoos! who drop us a line at nextspace@nextspace.us will get a free ten-pack of sweet, cool NextSpace Day Passes. Just drop into any one of our NextSpace Locations, and we’ll give you a pack of never-expiring-use-anywhere Day Passes.  Easy peasy, no? 

Why join us at NextSpace?  If you’ve been working offsite for a while, we find that people often need a bit of a refresher on what it’s like to work in an office.  A few hints to get you started:  wear pants, use your inside voice, and maybe keep the Nerf guns at home.

Even better, we’d like you to experience the collisions, connections, and collaborations that happen when you work at NextSpace.  The NextSpace community has almost 1,000 members from a wide variety of industries with an amazing breadth of skills and expertise.  Come experience the organic serendipity that happens when you rub shoulders and work alongside your fellow NextSpacers. We call it The NextSpace Effect and we guarantee that it will help you work at your creative, innovative, and productive best.  And that’s the whole point, right?  

See you at NextSpace!