Locations & Membership

Want to be part of the (r)evolution of Work? We have nine hip, vibrant, creative coworking spaces to choose from and a 10th location on the way!

NextSpace Los Angeles! Check out Potrero Hill!

Web_Location_MainPageAmpIcon2Check out River North!

Every NextSpace location is set up to accommodate a variety of workstyles, from open and collaborative to heads-down and deadline driven.

Every NextSpace location provides 24/7 access for members.

Every NextSpace location has conference rooms for those really important meetings or those stealthy we’re-gonna-change-the-world brainstorming sessions.

Every NextSpace is located in a vibrant downtown area, so there’s always plenty of caffeine and munchies close by.

• Even better, every NextSpace location is home to a community full of interesting, creative, talented people who share ideas, advice, expertise, and (yowza!) all the free coffee they can drink.

• Best of all, every NextSpace member across all of our spaces is linked together—via some nifty technology—into one big, seamless, collaborative community that is on the leading edge of the (r)evolution of Work.

If you’re interested in access to all NextSpace locations check out our Astronaut Membership!

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