Member Perks

NextSpace partners with companies that share our philosophy and help us succeed in our mission to ignite the (r)evolution of work by creating a unique combination of workspace + community. Our Partners provide NextSpace members with exceptional services that promote community, connection and entrepreneurship.

NextSpace Partners support our members with discounted services that help them succeed in the 21st century knowledge economy.



Zipcar is the leading car-sharing company in the the world, with really kick-ass customer service, and cars located all over the place.

NextSpace Member Perk: FREE membership ($75 off), half off annual dues ($25 instead of $50), and discounts off of every car you rent during normal business hours (except the BMW and Mini Convertible). If you are already a Zipcar member, they will refund you the annual membership fee.



Rewardli is an easy to use portal with deals on software, services and business tools relevant to NextSpace Members

NextSpace Member Perk: You get to request the companies and deals you want, and Rewardli crowdsources to make this happen. Sweet!



Techshop is a MakerSpace with all sorts of incredible tools and equipment for you to make wood, metal, or hardware.

NextSpace Member Perk: Get $99/mo membership at all TechShop locations, plus a free JumpStart class.

Redemption: Go to Techshop Enter “sjmgrspc” into the field. You may have to select San Jose as your home space, but you will have access to all spaces.