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NextSpace Chicago River North
NextSpace Chicago River North Conference Room
NextSpace Chicago River North
NextSpace Chicago River North
NextSpace Chicago River North
NextSpace Chicago River North
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Welcome to NextSpace River North

When it comes to coworking in Chicago, NextSpace River North is the cat's pajamas. We're the oldest coworking space in the city, and there is a reason we've been around so long - we're good at what we do. Beyond the platinum elevator walls that we call our front door, you'll find a community unlike any other. Almost every career has found a home here - Engineers and Analysts, Matchmakers and Pickle Brewers. You name it, we've probably seen it.

If you're interested in checking us out, please don't hesitate to reach out with any of the methods above. Schedule a trial day on a Tuesday, and you'll experience the glory of Tookie Tuesday. Feeling thirsty? Then schedule for a Friday.

When the cookie dust settles and you pack up your laptop, you'll leave each evening with this realization: We're Better Together.


Unlimited Access

Members get that primo 24/7 access! Day passers can totally swing by Monday - Friday between 9 am - 5 pm.

Fast Internet

High-speed wireless network available. Offices have additional Ethernet option.

Conference Rooms

Cafe, Office or Workstation members get 6 hours per month to use at any NextSpace location!

Online Member Resources

Update billing deets, check your membership perks, book conference rooms, and participate in the community forums!

Printing Galore

Cafe, Workstation and Office members enjoy unlimited scanning and 200 prints/copies per month.

Physical Mailbox

Ditch the PO Box or home address and use our mailing address for your biz: Included with every Private Office membership, only $35 with any other membership.


Meet friends, collaborate on projects, or simply bounce ideas off of each other.

Entrepreneurial Programming

Participate in member lunches, dynamic workshops, member-run Meetups, and a weekly happy hour at precisely 3:58pm.

Caffeine & More Caffeine

Endless waterfalls of the nectar of the Gods that is coffee. Oh, and tea.


Virtual Community

$50 per month

3 day passes per month to be used during business hours, plus access to our member portal and a discount on conference room bookings.


$60 per month

Mailing address, mail alerts, 2 day passes and a discount on conference room bookings. Sign up now!

Virtual Office

$90 per month

 Mailbox membership plus forwarding, scanning & shredding, 3 day
passes & 1 hour of conference room time per month, access to our
member portal and a discount on conference room time.  Sign up now!

Hot Desk

Starts at $325 Per Month

Shared, open seating of every variety!  Standing, sitting, private or communal, we've got you covered.  Power and wifi with every chair.  Plus, get all membership perks (we're talking 24/7 access, printing, booking creds, etc.)!

Dedicated Desk

Starts at $425 per month

A dedicated desk to call your own!  Leave behind monitors, plants and statuettes of large-breed jungle cats.  You'll also get all perks! 24/7 access, printing, conference time, etc.!

Private Office

Starts at $1135 per month

A full on office for you and your team, plus perks for all. Prices vary based on size and location of the office!


24 x 7 Access (Per Additional Location)

Hot desk, dedicated desk & private office members get unlimited day pass usage at all locations, but they have an option to pay just $35 per month per space if 24/7 access is needed.

Conference Room

$50/hr for access to the conference room!

Cafe, Workstation and Office Members receive 6 free hours each month and other memberships receive a discounted rate.

Book Now!

Day Pass

$25 per day or 10 for $200.

As a member, you get unlimited day passes to all of our other NextSpace locations during business hours (9-5 pm).

We proudly offer local discounts at every space, plus company-wide discounts including Amazon Web Services Activate credits, a free Zipcar Membership, discounted membership with Founders Card, day pass access with LExC members, 30% off membership at FlexJobs, 20% off Proofreading Services, and 10% off Palace Business Solutions, 10% off at Blix Electric BikesSee your Community Manager for details.

How do I get in?

  1. Hop, skip or jump to the corner of Superior St. + Franklin St.
  2. Our entrance is on Franklin! You'll see a big glass door with our vibrant banner above it.
  3. Come in the door, wipe your feet. No need to buzz in during business hours.
  4. Take the elevator to the second floor! It's between the first and third.

Where should we go next?

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