We have a great team at NextSpace, if we don’t say so ourselves. Our job is to manage this fantastically innovative community. Got questions, ideas, or suggestions? Need help connecting, catalyzing, and creating? Just want to chat about your latest scheme to save the universe? Interacting with our members is the best part of our job. The magic of NextSpace really does reside within the members of this rather remarkable community…we’re here for you!

NextSpace Galactic Team

Jeremy Neuner, Co-founder & (R)evolutionary-in-Chief
Iris Kavanagh, Chief Community Officer
Gretchen Baisa, Chief Operating Officer
Lisa Robin, Controller
Kurt Grutzmacher, No Title Guy

NextSpace Accounting Team

Kirstin Smith, Accounts Wrangler

NextSpace Sales & Marketing

Josh Cottrell, Content Craftsman
Peter Darling, Director of International Programs

Northern California

NextSpace Santa Cruz

Grace Gamboa, Community Curator
Maya Delano, Community Builder

NextSpace San Francisco

Thomas Lassetter, Community Curator
Natalie Cheng, Community Builder

NextSpace Union Square (SF)

Lindsay Burstedt, Community Curator
Kyle Fisher, Community Builder

NextSpace San Jose

Gretchen Knight Baisa,  Community Curator
Julie Kodama, Community Builder

NextSpace / NextKids Potrero Hill

Becca Israel, Community Curator
Hanako Tonozuka, Community Builder
Sarah Shimkunas, Community Care Curator
Rochelle Coleman, Community Caregiver
Vicky De La Mora, Community Caregiver
Kristen Portney, Community Caregiver
Lauren Martinez, Community Caregiver
Diana Rothschild, Chief Mom + NextKids Co-founder

NextSpace Berkeley

Erin Griffin, Community Curator
Charles Shaw, Community Builder

Northern California Region

Alex Anderson, Roamer

Southern California

NextSpace Los Angeles

Meaghen Keyser, Community Curator
Jessica Knapp, Community Builder

NextSpace Venice Beach

Carl Martin, Community Curator
Emmarie Dempsey, Community Builder

Chicago Area

NextSpace River North

Ashley Aspiranti, Community Curator
Jessica Scott, Community Builder

NextSpace Board of Directors

Jeremy Neuner, CEO
Kurt Grutzmacher, Chairman
Ryan Coonerty, Director
Caleb Baskin, Director
Dr. Marvin Retsky, Director
David Gensler, Director
Ian Stock, Secretary of the Board