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NextSpace Los Angeles Venice Beach
NextSpace Los Angeles Venice Beach
NextSpace Los Angeles Venice Beach
NextSpace Los Angeles Venice Beach
NextSpace Los Angeles Venice Beach
NextSpace Los Angeles Venice Beach
Location_Venice Beach

Welcome to NextSpace Venice Beach

If you're the kind of person that hates lingering at random coffee shops with your laptop, and also happen to love fiber optic internet and California's best coffee, then it sounds like NextSpace Venice Beach is just what you need.

In the heart of Venice (just a single, solitary block from the beach), NsVB members get a professional, creative, and downright fun space to work. It even comes filled with an incredible community!

What are you waiting for? You have been sitting at that cafe or coffee shop alone for a long enough. Stop by anytime Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm for a life-changing tour!


Unlimited Access

Members get that primo 24/7 access! Day passers can totally swing by Monday - Friday between 9 am - 5 pm.

Fast Internet

High-speed, mega stable fiber-optic network available both wired and wireless.

Conference Rooms

Cafe, Office or Workstation members get 6 hours per month to use at any NextSpace location!

Online Member Resources

Update billing deets, check your membership perks, book conference rooms, and participate in the community forums!

Printing Galore

Members enjoy unlimited scanning, faxing (where available), and 100 prints/copies per month. Every month. In full color. Awesome, right?

Physical Mailbox

Ditch the PO Box or home address and use our mailing address for your biz: Included with every Private Office membership, only $35 with any other membership.


Meet friends, collaborate on projects, or simply bounce ideas off of each other.

Entrepreneurial Programming

Participate in member lunches, dynamic workshops, member-run Meetups, and a weekly happy hour at precisely 4:58pm.

Caffeine & More Caffeine

Endless waterfalls of the nectar of the Gods that is coffee. Oh, and tea.


Mailbox Basic

$59 per month

Mailing address, mail alerts, 3 day passes per month + discounted conference room booking. Sign up now!

Mailbox Plus

$99 per month

Mailbox Basic plus forwarding, scanning, shredding. Sign up now!


from $385 per month

Shared, open seating of every variety!  Standing, sitting, private or communal, we've got you covered.  Power and wifi with every chair.  Plus, get all membership perks (we're talking 24/7 access, printing, booking creds, etc.)!


from $580 per month

A dedicated desk to call your own!  Leave behind monitors, plants and statuettes of large-breed jungle cats.  You'll also get all perks! 24/7 access, printing, conference time, etc.!


from $1235 per month

A full on office for you and your team, plus perks for all. Prices vary based on size and location of the office!


Day Pass

$30 per day! 

As a member, you get unlimited day passes at all of our other NextSpace locations during business hours. 

Events & Offsites

NextSpace is perfect for corporate offsites, brainstorming sessions, board meetings and other events! Contact us for pricing and availability.

Conference Room

$80/hr for a large conference room and $40/hr for a small conference room. 

Cafe, Workstation and Office Members receive 6 free hours each month and other memberships receive a discounted rate.

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Cafe, Workstation, or Office members get unlimited day pass usage at all locations, but they have an option to pay just $35 per month if 24/7 access is needed.

We proudly offer local discounts at every space, plus company-wide discounts including Amazon Web Services Activate credits, a free Zipcar Membership, discounted membership with Founders Card, day pass access with LExC members, 30% off membership at FlexJobs, 20% off Proofreading Services, and 10% off Palace Business Solutions, 10% off at Blix Electric BikesSee your Community Manager for details.

How do I get in?

  1. Please ring the doorbell/intercom.
  2. The phone will ring and a friendly voice will say, "NextSpace, How can I help you?"
  3. State your business and listen for direction.
  4. Wait for the buzzard sound, open the door and come on in!

Where should we go next?

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