Why Join NextSpace?

Because the nature of work is changing.
And NextSpace gives you the community, the place, and the tools you need to be a part of that change. Whether you’re starting a small business, embarking on a career as a freelancer, or telecommuting across town or across the globe, a NextSpace membership can help you be part of the (r)evolution of work.

Here’s what you get with every NextSpace Membership:

  • A cool, hip place to work.  Choose from our Cafe Membership (open, comfy, productive workspace), Workstation Membership (your own dedicated spot to call home) or Office Membership (when you’re ready for the big time)
  • A community of amazing, inspiring, creative people who are fellow (r)evolutionaries in how work gets done, services gets delivered, products get built, and awesome stuff happens
  • Commercial broadband Internet/network (wired and wireless)
  • Networked printer, scanner, fax & copier + shredding service (with 200 black & white or color prints per month)
  • Conference and meeting space with projector & screen
  • Whiteboards, orange boards, and other nifty brainstorming gadgets
  • Events, brown bag lunches, member-only email discussion lists, lectures, and happy hours
  • Utilities and basic janitorial service
  • Mailing address
  • Zip Car Membership
  • IMPORTANT! All of the delicious coffee, tea, and other caffeine delivery devices that you can consume